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Key advantages of dental implants

  • Dental implants look natural. They will boost your smile and confidence.
  • They will not slip around in your mouth, because they are tightly secured. No creams or adhesives are needed to bond them to your gums.
  • Dental implants will give you your old way of life back, by restoring clear speech and normal eating habits.
  • They won’t have a detrimental impact on adjacent teeth.
  • They’ll help keep your jawbone healthy.

Your Dental Implant Options

  • A single dental implant is the perfect choice for replacing individual missing teeth. It will look the same as the tooth you lost, and restore your smile.

    Dental Implants at Blossom Cosmetic Clinic

  • This is when a line of crowns will be retained in the mouth via an implant at either end.

    Multiple Missing Teeth at Blossom Cosmetic Clinic

  • If you’re missing a lot of, or all of your teeth, a number of bridges, secured in place with dental implants, can provide you with a full set of secure and permanent replacement teeth.

  • Those with multiple missing teeth may require an implant-retained bridge, where a line of crowns are supported at each end with the implant.

    Full Set of Missing Teeth at Blossom Cosmetic Clinic

    “I had a great amount of reconstructive care and felt I was treated by an extremely knowledgeable professional.”

  • It’s possible to retain and steady conventional complete dentures with tooth implants in York for a more secure and comfortable fit. The simplest method of doing this is to use a press-stud style attachment on dental implants known as a locator abutment.

    Our dentist in York will need to place 2 or 4 implants in the lower jaw and a minimum of 4 implants in the upper jaw. The press-stud attachments allow the dentures to be pressed into the mouth and clicked into place. You may still feel some slight movement, but it’s a world away from wearing a complete traditional denture. Secure and stable, it’s a great way to discover a new-found confidence if you struggle with wearing dentures.

    Full Set of Missing Teeth at Blossom Cosmetic Clinic

    “The major benefits since the treatment have surpassed my expectations. My self confidence is back and I enjoy going out with my friends again.”


  • A dental implant replaces a single missing tooth. It looks like the tooth you lost, and as it’s fixed securely into the mouth via its titanium root, it feels like it too. Dental implants can be used to secure bridges into the mouth when there is more than one tooth in a row missing, and provide you with a working set of dentures.

    A small surgical procedure is required in order to fit the screw part of the implant below the gum, on the jawbone. Local anaesthetic will be used so you won’t be in any pain. Once the implant has been placed, a temporary crown is added to it. The permanent crown can’t be fixed until a few months later, to give your gums a chance to heal, and to allow the root to fuse with the jawbone; process known as osseointegration.

    If you’re having dental implants fitted, in order to anchor a full set of dentures in place, you can expect to have 2 to 4 implants in the lower jaw, and a minimum of four implants in the upper jaw.

  • The healing period is approximately 3 to 6 months. Temporary crowns can be worn during this time.

  • Having dental implants fitted does not hurt, because the dentist will provide you with a very effective anaesthetic, that will numb your gums beforehand. If you’re feeling nervous about the procedure, sedation can be provided. Afterwards, over-the-counter painkillers are usually all that’s needed to remove any discomfort that remains.

  • We can only give approximate answers because each individual case is different. Typically the healing and bone-integration period is 3 to 6 months following the placing of the implant. You will have a second appointment to have your permanent crown or bridge fitted.

  • Your dental implants will be designed to look as similar to the teeth you lost as possible. However, you will be able to judge for yourself before you have them fitted. You’ll be invited to see a digital preview of how your smile will look following the placement of your new teeth.

  • If you look after your dental implants, there’s a chance you will never have to replace them, depending on the age you have them fitted. They are highly durable and have been known to last for 30+ years.

  • Dental implants are suitable for most people, but to have your suitability confirmed, you’ll need to visit us for an initial consultation. We’ll also need to assess the health of your jawbone to see if any grafting will be required prior to the implant being placed.

  • They can easily be brushed in the same way you brush your natural teeth. Regular hygiene appointments will enable us to further keep an eye on them.

“When we moved to the area, we were so lucky to have found our dentist James at Blossom. Beyond the excellent dental care he has provided us, his natural and friendly chairside manner makes us feel at ease on every visit. I now feel I have a perfect smile and can certainly say it was value for money. Thanks so much to everyone at the practice!”

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