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The condition can cover large areas of the skin, or even the entire body – or it may only develop in small areas. However it appears, it can leave many feeling self-conscious about their skin. The most common types of pigmentation problems are:

  • Melasma – sometimes triggered by pregnancy or hormonal changes, as well as sun exposure, this is characterised by large, dark patches on the skin
  • Freckles – these are small dots on the skin most commonly seen in fairer skin types. They’re caused by sun exposure and can darken in the sun also
  • Sun spots – these go by many names, including liver spots, age spots, brown spots and their medical term, solar lentigines. As their name suggests, they’re also caused by the sun.
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation – this can be caused by conditions such as acne, or by a reaction to certain medical clinical procedures (such as laser treatments).

We can help treat hyperpigmentation through our AlumierMD peels, HydraFacial treatment and skincare ranges.

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