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Straighter, healthier

There are lots of fantastic benefits to having Invisalign treatment:

  • 3D imagery to show your expected results, as well as changes over time.
    Regular sessions with your Dentist to ensure you’re on track.
  • Comfortable, removable and invisible.
  • Can be similar in cost to alternatives.
  • Easy to clean and care for.
  • Potential for a healthier smile, such as where crowded teeth are harder to clean or a crossbite can cause receding gums.

Treatment Areas

  • Crooked teeth can cause wear and tear, as well as problems with chewing, strain on the jaw and headaches.

  • Gaps in your smile could lead to food getting caught between the teeth, leading to sore gums and even gum disease.

  • This is where there isn’t space in your jaw for your teeth to fit comfortably, causing them to be twisted or pushed out of alignment, and cases where teeth overlap. This kind of dental problem can cause decay as the teeth may be harder to clean.

  • You could have overbite (where the top teeth overlap the bottom ones), underbite (the opposite), crossbite (a little of both) or even open bite (where your closed teeth don’t touch). Bite problems can lead to receding gums, chipped teeth, speech problems, tooth wear and jaw pain, and could make it harder to chew.


  • Invisalign can feel strange at first, especially if this is the first time you’ve had Orthodontic treatment. You may experience pressure when you first wear your aligners, and again when you change sets, but this is normal and simply means they’re doing their job.

  • Providing you wear retainers for a time after your treatment, your teeth should stay straight. However, injury, tooth loss and other factors could affect your results.

  • Ensure you see your Dentist regularly to keep problems at bay, such as gum disease, decay or infection. Your Hygienist can also give you tips on brush technique, useful products and lifestyle changes that could help keep your smile healthy.

  • Most people will be eligible for treatment, but the first step on your journey is a consultation, so we can fully assess your smile and see if Invisalign will work for you.

  • This depends, so the best thing to do is book in for a consultation with us. For example, the aligners may not be effective on bridgework.

“When we moved to the area, we were so lucky to have found our dentist James at Blossom. Beyond the excellent dental care he has provided us, his natural and friendly chairside manner makes us feel at ease on every visit. I now feel I have a perfect smile and can certainly say it was value for money. Thanks so much to everyone at the practice!”

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