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At Blossom Cosmetic Clinic, we offer consultations to assess your skin and recommend appropriate treatments that will give you fantastic results over time. With us, you can expect:

  • Medical-grade skincare products that give real, science-backed results.
  • Industry experts who understand your unique skin.
  • A tailored regime to help you get the best out of your skin.

Treatment Areas

  • Acne is caused by excess oil production in the skin, which locks in bacteria and dead skin cells, and leads to red, sore and spotty skin. AlumierMD’s range focuses on exfoliating, detoxifying and cleansing the skin to prevent a build-up of bacteria and oil, and other products in the range can help renew the skin’s texture while guarding against future inflammation.

  • Cell turnover and renewal slows with age, and the skin thins over time. AlumierMD has the answer– a range of products that work to exfoliate the skin, plump with hydrating hyaluronic acid, and stimulate skin-firming collagen.

  • Pigmentation problems can occur for many reasons, but are often sun-related. AlumierMD helps to exfoliate and encourage new cell growth, prevent new pigmentation from developing, and offer products that balance skin tone – all while protecting against the sun.

  • Whether roseacea or just sensitivity in the skin, redness can be kept in check with AlumierMD’s dedicated regime. The products work to relieve irritation, hydrate the skin and guard against the sun, and can balance out skin tone, too.


  • A consultation is always the first step on your skin journey, but we can give some general advice:

    Check formulations. Oil-based products aren’t recommended for oily skin, for instance.
    Keep skin hydrated. When skin is dry, it lacks suppleness and can appear older than it is.
    Ensure you stay sun-protected. UV rays are one of the biggest causes of ageing and can also affect other skin conditions, including redness/roseacea and hyperpigmentation.

    During your consultation, we’ll assess your skin and make individual product recommendations to help build a regime that works for you.

  • Powerful and effective, the skincare range uses medical-grade ingredients and is led by science, so it’s a brand you can trust. They also avoid using ‘nasties’ such as parabens, sulphates and artificial colours for skin-kind forumaltions, and as an added bonus, they’re environmentally friendly and don’t test on animals (or use animal products in their range).

  • With AlumierMD, you’re not just getting an effective product or regime. You’re also benefiting from industry knowledge and experience which, when combined, accounts for 100 years of know-how. In addition, with the products being medical-grade, you’re actually getting higher concentrations of key ingredients that can treat concerns from acne to ageing.

  • Of course, covering areas as varied as stability, SPF, sensitivity and preservatives. This means you can trust that their products are both effective and safe to use.

    We understand that many of our clients have sensitive skin and want to ensure they find products that work for them. AlumierMD products are formulated with all skin types in mind – including sensitive skin.

  • AlumierMD recommends using products across their range, as they work together to deliver optimum results.

“I recently visited Blossom Cosmetic Clinic for Dermal Fillers as I’d noticed my eye area was sagging and always making me look tired. James and the team put me at ease straightaway and were really helpful at every stage of my treatment. I’ve since had other beauty treatments there as I was so impressed with my results.”

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