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Perfectly Symmetrical

From shaping the tip to seemingly changing the size of your nose, there are lots of benefits to non-surgical rhinoplasty. Here’s what you can expect from the process:

  • Quick, easy and effective treatment.
  • Immediate results, which last up 18 months.
  • Reversible results – allowing for tweaks in the future.
  • Less invasive than surgery, with little downtime or side-effects.

Treatment Areas

  • Having a nose that’s too large or small can affect your facial symmetry. Targeted injections can help rebalance and reshape it for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

  • This approach targets hooked or droopy noses and can create a straighter result.

  • A non-surgical nose job can treat noses that are angled upwards.

  • Injecting along the bridge or down the ‘line’ of the nose shapes and sculpts the appearance.


  • As we can offer a numbing agent before the procedure, your non surgical rhinoplasty treatment shouldn’t be uncomfortable.

  • Different individuals may experience different results, but as a guide, you could see results for 6-18 months. To maintain them for the future, you’ll need to book in again.

  • Although you could try other options, there are drawbacks. For example, surgery can be extremely expensive and high-risk, with greater downtime, while disguising or enhancing your nose through make-up takes time and won’t create results as effective.

  • If you feel you’ve had too much filler or are unhappy with your results, it’s possible to dissolve the fillers. However, it’s worth remembering that this is a non-permanent procedure and the hyaluronic acid component of the fillers will be absorbed naturally over time.

  • Because we favour natural results, your outcome is likely to be subtle enough that it gives you that much-needed confidence boost, without being obvious you’ve had ‘work done’.

“I’ve been wanting to get some fillers for a while but have always been a bit scared to bite the bullet. Then I saw an ad for Blossom and thought I’d give it a try. They were so lovely and made sure I was comfortable when I had the procedure and it didn’t hurt at all! I highly recommend Blossom clinic for anyone who wants a beauty treatment without any pain.”

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