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If you ask anyone on the planet, the first thing they typically notice about another person is their smile. What does yours say about you? If you’re feeling that your teeth need a bit of tweaking, don’t worry: our top York team have plenty of makeover ideas to give you that million-dollar smile.

What we offer, what the benefits are, and how to arrange your smile makeover today:

Benefit 1: Confidence

The biggest change we see in our clients following a smile makeover is a huge boost to their self-esteem. They are happier and more comfortable in themselves; eager to share their smile; and determined to make their impressive results last. You might not realise that such a small change to your appearance can make such a big difference to the way you feel, but it’s true – we’ve seen it countless times!

Benefit 2: Oral Health

This one’s for both of us – benefits to your oral health. While this depends on the treatment (or treatments) you choose, we often see clients:

  • Taking better care of their smiles, such as cleaning their teeth
  • Quitting smoking, to avoid problems like staining of their smile
  • Stopping bad habits, like pen-chewing, so results last longer
  • Enjoying better smile alignment, which prevents plaque build-up and potential decay
  • Booking more regular check-ups with us to ensure results stay
  • Avoiding problems like TMJ or toothwear, thanks to our ingenious treatments


Benefit 3: Whiter teeth

Is your smile dull? Has it lost its sparkle? Are you constantly hiding it behind your hand or avoiding showing your teeth? Our professional whitening treatment could be the solution you’re looking for. We can make your smile whiter and brighter to combat staining and create a more youthful appearance.

Benefit 4: More uniform teeth

Our veneer treatment can be carried out on one tooth or all teeth, meaning you get a lovely white smile, straighter-looking teeth and a perfect bite all in one go. While this treatment does require some gentle shaping of the teeth ahead of applying the veneers, these long-lasting caps ensure you’re smiling proudly for years to come.

One of the best things we share about our smile makeovers is the ability to pick and choose exactly which treatments you’d like to carry out, building your perfect package. Whatever your concerns and dream results, let us help here at our York studio.

Book your smile makeover

We would love to welcome you to York for a smile makeover that’s as unique as you are. To arrange an appointment, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team, and we’ll book you in at a time and date to suit you. We’re proud to help – and can’t wait to start your exciting journey with you.

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