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Invisalign clear braces are one of the leading solutions for straightening teeth – not just here in York, but all around the world. In fact, this revolutionary treatment has been used to help millions of dental patients achieve their dream smiles. And if you’ve got issues with gaps, crowding or bite problems, Invisalign braces could help you, too. Here’s more about them; their benefits; and how they work.

Invisalign braces explained

When most of us think of braces, we picture fixed wires and brackets. These are traditional metal braces, which have been used throughout modern history to correct the smile. But more recently, removable braces have been developed. Invisalign is the most popular and famous of these – clear, acrylic trays that fit comfortably over the smile and can be removed at any time. They’re invisible aligners – hence the name.

Invisalign before, during and after process at Blossom Cosmetic Clinic in York

Invisalign before, during and after the process

Benefits of Invisalign

Patients in York and beyond love Invisalign braces. Here are just a handful of benefits that come with treatment:

  • Comfortable on the smile, with braces made for each stage of your treatment
  • Removable design, allowing for snacking, cleaning and short breaks
  • No change is needed for your diet and lifestyle
  • Clear and discreet – ideal for teens and adults alike
  • Simple to clean through daily rinsing and brushing, plus regular soaks

Of course, as with any long-term dental treatment, regular check-ups at our York dental practice are advised. That way, our team can keep your treatment on track and check it’s progressing as it should be – and that any issues are spotted and dealt with quickly.

Treatment cases for Invisalign

These invisible braces are great for a range of concerns, including bite problems (think overlapping teeth, tooth wear and associated pain) as well as more typical cases of wonky teeth or crowding. Invisalign braces are suitable for the majority of cases, however, a consultation is always part of the process as it gives our York dentists the time to go through your medical background and assess suitability.

Costs of Invisalign

Invisible braces aren’t free – being a revolutionary and popular treatment, they’re available privately to our York patients. We help with costs by offering finance to allow for budgeting, so you can afford the treatments you want and need.

Book your Invisalign consultation

To arrange your consultation, speak to our York team today. We’ll book a time and date that suits your schedule, and look forward to seeing you very soon.

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