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Beautifully Balanced

Our clients love their HydraFacial results. Here’s how the treatment works:

  • Cleanse – the first step is to detox and purify the skin. This helps to improve circulation and ensures optimum results.
  • Extract – next, a gentle suction technique is used to remove dirt, impurities and dead cells, effectively resurfacing the skin.
  • Hydrate – the final stage boosts skin radiance with a complex of peptides and antioxidants, and any redness is quickly settled with a gentle LED light, which also aids skin healing (collagen production).

Treatment Areas

  • Rejuvenate and refresh skin with a boost of collagen, while gently peeling away older layers of skin.

  • By boosting collagen production, the treatment helps skin feel firm and taut.

  • With the treatment’s cleansing and peeling action, you’ll reveal younger, smoother skin while exfoliating away dead cells.

  • Drain away toxins, target ‘debris’ through the effective, yet pain-free, spiral suction technique, and enjoy the nourishing, glow-boosting combination of antioxidants and peptides.


  • Most people can relax and enjoy the treatment – think of it as a more intensive facial! Although the skin is exfoliated and suction is used, it’s extremely gentle and shouldn’t be painful.

  • This is something we’ll discuss with you during the consultation, as it depends on the condition of your skin, and what you’re treating specifically. We may also recommend a course of treatments for optimum results. However, most clients experience beautifully radiant, younger-looking skin.

  • We offer a range of aesthetics treatments to enhance and improve the quality and appearance of your skin – from our AlumierMD peels, to our microneedling treatment, to various wrinkle treatments. Get in touch with us to find out more.

  • If you’d like to refresh and renew your skin, and target problems such as pigmenation and acne, HydraFacial could be the solution for you. Safe and effective, nearly all skin (subject to a consultation) could see an improvement.

  • We like to say that our treatments leave you looking like you – but better. There’s no downtime after your HydraFacial, and aside from some redness, or some mild tenderness, side-effects are uncommon.

“I’ve been wanting to get some fillers for a while but have always been a bit scared to bite the bullet. Then I saw an ad for Blossom and thought I’d give it a try. They were so lovely and made sure I was comfortable when I had the procedure and it didn’t hurt at all! I highly recommend Blossom clinic for anyone who wants a beauty treatment without any pain.”

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