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Red veins are cosmetically unsightly and are too fine to be treated in the same way as larger veins. Our ThermaVein thermo-coagulation device offers a complete solution, is a totally safe treatment, is clinically proven and is permanent with no scarring or bruising!

  • Sessions – 1-3.
  • Results – Instant.
  • Lasts – Permanent.

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  • With a few simple precautions, spider vein treatment is perfectly safe for the skin and causes no long-term skin discolouration.

  • A typical treatment should take no longer than 40 minutes, and you will see a significant improvement in the condition, if not complete eradication, immediately.

  • Often one session is sufficient depending on the extent of your condition. Some patients will need up to three sessions and your treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs.

“I’ve been wanting to get some fillers for a while but have always been a bit scared to bite the bullet. Then I saw an ad for Blossom and thought I’d give it a try. They were so lovely and made sure I was comfortable when I had the procedure and it didn’t hurt at all! I highly recommend Blossom clinic for anyone who wants a beauty treatment without any pain.”

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