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Rejuvenate your skin

Sunekos treatments replenish lost collagen, increasing skin is elasticity, and improving appearance, texture and hydration for months after your treatment.

  • Sessions – A series of four sessions, 7-10 days apart for optimum results.
  • Results – Maximum effect after last session.
  • Lasts – six to twelve months

Treatment Areas


  • You’ll see results within 7-10 days of treatment, and these will develop over a period of around three months as Sunkos works to stimulate collagen and elastin.

  • Your results will often last for about six months, though there are a wide range of factors can affect this including lifestyle, sun exposure and the unique properties of your skin.

  • You’ll notice a significant improvement in skin hydration, but its unlikely people will be able to tell you’ve had an aesthetic treatment.

“I’ve been wanting to get some fillers for a while but have always been a bit scared to bite the bullet. Then I saw an ad for Blossom and thought I’d give it a try. They were so lovely and made sure I was comfortable when I had the procedure and it didn’t hurt at all! I highly recommend Blossom clinic for anyone who wants a beauty treatment without any pain.”

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