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Putting you first

As a practice we aim to look after our patient’s dental health with a real focus on long term dental health and general well-being. We hope to keep our patients smiling well into the future.

We are aware of the large numbers of our patients who are still to be seen for their regular NHS examination since the pandemic. This has primarily been caused by:

  • The presence of a significantly higher level of dental disease meaning it is requiring a lot more time and appointments in order make patients ‘dentally fit’ compared to pre-COVID levels
  • A significant shortage of NHS dentists. A high number of dentists took early retirement, whilst many more have reduced their hours following COVID

With this in mind, at Blossom Cosmetic Clinic, we wanted to introduce our Reassurance Recall Examination. This is A 30 minute comprehensive examination, see below for what the exam involves.


What does it involve?

    • Free Oral Cancer Screening
    • Thorough examination of your dental and gum health
    • Discussion with your dentist about your concerns and all of the available treatment options
    • Creation of your ideal treatment plan
  • The fee for this is £45 and any further private treatment would be outlined in your written treatment plan. This does not affect your NHS place at Blossom Dental Care and when we have greater operational capacity we do intend to recall you for routine care. NHS place not affected.

Get in Touch

If you would like to go ahead with making an appointment, please do let us know; alternatively if you have any further questions or should you wish for a call back, please contact Blossom Cosmetic Clinic directly.



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