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When it comes to looking and feeling our best, aesthetic treatments are a great option. They can be easily tailored to you, will last without permanently changing your appearance, and you’ll get fantastic treatments for a fraction of the price (and hassle) of surgery.

Many people don’t realise that it’s possible to perform a nose job non-surgically, but it’s actually becoming an increasingly popular treatment amongst both men and women and is safe, effective, and with fast-acting results. Read on to find out more about it.

  1. Size of your nose

While some people feel their nose is too small, others feel it’s too big. In our experience, non-surgical rhinoplasty is all about balance – and ensuring your nose harmonises with your other features. Whether that’s helping give the appearance of a reduction in size, or creating a slightly larger look, our experts can do it all. We can create the illusion of a slimmer nose through enlarging other areas and can generally provide the symmetry and balance you’re looking for.

  1. Shape of your nose

Upturned tip? Bulbous end? Lumps and humps? Whatever it is, we’ve seen – and treated – it all. You can rest assured that our experts can carry out a non-surgical rhinoplasty that will give you an enhanced, lasting aesthetic and we can do it all right here in York.

  1. Other enhancements

Of course, alongside your treatment, you may be looking for other enhancements – such as softening the appearance of wrinkles (e.g. bunny lines or nasolabial lines) around the nose. Our experienced team can carry out this treatment, too – so you’ll feel like a whole new you.

Quick questions

How is my treatment carried out?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is carried out with expertly-placed dermal fillers. This means it’s low pain, has zero-to-no downtime and will last, without being a permanent treatment.

How often should I have treatment?

It varies between clients, as it all depends on how quickly dermal filler is broken down by your body. A good rule of thumb is 12-18 months.

Is treatment safe?

Absolutely, and dermal fillers are approved for this application by all the relevant bodies, which we hope will give you peace of mind! Safe, effective, low-cost – the benefits just keep on coming.

Book your treatment today

If you’re interested in a non-surgical nose job, or dermal fillers in general, we can help. Get in touch with our York clinic to see what we can do for you.

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